What is Doing Better Work Together all about?

What is Doing Better Work Together all about?

5 Interconnected Threads of Collaboration

At the upcoming Doing Better Work Together gathering we’re hosting 20+ online sessions covering 5 key areas of collaboration and organisation building.

Collaborative Decision Making

What are the tools, methods and protocols that help groups make effective decisions together?

Growing Relationships

How do we build the connection, trust, psychological safety and alignment needed to do our best problem solving together?

Coordinating Action

How do we manage complexity, uncertainty and changing priorities to still get done whatever it is we need to get done?

Allocating Resources

What are the best inclusive, innovative methods of distributing our resources and capital for maximum impact?

Gathering Together

From everyday meetings to transformative multi-day events, how do we design our gatherings to create the culture that we want?

Why these 5 threads?

We do these things in our families, teams, communities, multinational corporations and national governments. If you’re building or leading any kind of organisation, or participating in any kind of group, you’ll be doing these things.

Together they are threads that weave our collaborative social fabric.

We will be unstitching, examining and showcasing experiments, looking at different ways to engage with these threads.

The event will be a unique opportunity to learn and connect with a global network of people from the frontiers of collaboration and organisation building.

How does decentralised governance actually work in practice?

How does a radically, transparent, collaborative consulting collective work with money?

Understanding how to design gatherings and build relationships in groups at different scales? How do we build deep trust and alignment in our teams?

Self management is an evolving field. What methods and patterns are common? How do teams reflect and learn and continue to improve with best practice?

What mindsets to we need to cultivate to organise ourselves as high functioning networks? What do we need to learn and unlearn to do this well?

Don’t expect to sit on zoom listening for 4 days straight!

This event has been designed to strike the balance between hearing from experts, practitioners and innovators sharing their learnings and activating and connecting awesome people from across the world working at the frontiers of collaboration and organisation building.

We kick off at 7am on November 29th AEDT and close at 10pm on December 2nd AEDT.

Wherever you are in the world you’ll be able to pick and choose your path to make it work for your schedule. Learn more and grab your ticket here.