Teamwork makes everything work.

Teamwork makes everything work.

The main enquiry behind Doing Better Work Together is how we can organise ourselves differently, to better support ourselves and our teams to thrive.


Because teamwork makes everything work.

Teamwork is where the rubber hits the road. It is the vehicle that moves us towards our ambition missions. It is where big ideals, worldviews and systemic change meets getting things done.

It's in our teams that we organise and execute work, solve problems, coordinate through complexity, finish projects and stay on track when things get difficult or the unexpected happens. It is through teamwork where we better understand our skills, strengths and weaknesses. It is where we understand others, build empathy, develop relationships, learn to look after each other and enable each other to do our best.

5 threads to build radically collaborative teams

At Doing Better Work Together we’re excited to have a range of leading innovators sharing practical ways to transform teamwork, looking at 5 key threads:

How we weave these five threads together creates the fabric of our teams and organisations. They also get to the heart of many systemic issues in our society. Transforming teamwork means recognising how power is distributed, who is involved in decision making, how we develop ourselves, resolve conflict and enable others.

So, how can we be better together in our teams? How do we actually do these things better in practice?

The upcoming Doing Better Work Together global online gathering will showcase deeply practical tools and methods to actually shift how teamwork happens. For a taste of the sessions involved

Richard Bartlett is a community builder, governance architect and collaboration coach who works with organisations of all sizes to help build the trust and understanding needed to solve hard problems. This session will share deeply practical ideas you can use in your workplace to grow and change together.

Ultimately how we work is reflective of how we are. Shruthi Vijayakumar is a leadership coach who draws from ancient methods of developing self knowledge to help get beyond the surface of being busy and productive together and into deeper understanding, connection and collective growth.

Alanna Irving has been building radically collaborative, distributed organisations for many years. She joins us to lead a deep dive on how we can recognise and grow the leadership capacity throughout the organisation, not just the people at the top.

Vincent Horn has been experimenting at the intersections of meditation, mindfulness and emerging modern culture for many years. His latest work brings together meditation practice into a group context. In this session you'll experience how 'multiplayer meditation' can create space for powerful connection, empathy and collective potential to arise.

Conflict naturally arises in any group. Our teams and workplaces are no exception. Building our capacity to recognise, navigate and resolve conflict can be transformational to teamwork. This participatory session led by coaches Frieda Hoffman and Lana Jelenjev will give you insight and practical ideas for working with conflict.

Lisa Gill and Karin Tenelius have been supporting self managing teams for decades between them. Both a long time leaders in the field of self managing organisations. They will share key insights, learnings and patterns of success from their book Moose Heads on the Table.

Join us - and bring your team!

Doing Better Work Together will include 20+ sessions running from 28 November - 2 December.

This event will be a unique opportunity to learn together with your team, no matter where you are in the world. If you're in a pod, learning circle, squad or team - get a few collaborators together and join with a special group 'power of the pod' bundle ticket. We'll also provide some prompts and engagement ideas to make the most of the content, learning through practice together.

Build your own experience with a 'pick and choose' menu with short talks, workshops, connection spaces and reflection and integration sessions running across all timezones. You’ll be able to make this event work for your schedule and engagement style.

All tickets include 1 month access to the resources, recordings and connection hub.

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