Putting the WE in Web3

Putting the WE in Web3

Doing Better Work Together is an online event for people who are envisaging, advocating, facilitating and building a decentralised future, but isn’t a web3 conference.

There won’t be content on protocols, tokens or on-chain tooling.

We recognise that our transformative decentralised future will not be created by technology alone. Technology helps, but this is fundamentally about people.

If you are building a DAO, then you’ll know there is work to be done to level up the collective skills and capacities needed to do decentralisation well.

That is what this gathering is about.

It’s about distributed leadership, power and control. It’s about shared context, effective communication, empathetic, inclusive processes and community engagement.

We’re bringing together experts, innovators and practitioners who have been deep in building, supporting and growing vibrant, decentralised organisations, networks and communities for many years.

Check out this taste of the 20+ sessions being held over the week. Join us and dive into practical tools, methods and hard won learnings about how to build effective decentralised organisations.

How do you actually shift power and grow distributed leadership in your organisation?
Alanna Irving has been experimenting and innovating in bossless organising and growing distributed leadership for over a decade. She brings a wealth of experience from being an instigate and leader in several pioneering organisations (Enspiral, Loomio, Co-budget, Open Collective) focused on shifting power and leadership in society. This will be a deep dive session into how distributed leadership actually happens - and how to nurture it in any team.

Is self management a myth? How does it work in practice?
Lisa Gill and Karin from TUFF Leadership Training are established experts in self management. Their co-authored book ‘Moose Heads on the Table’ reflects on decades of experience supporting self managing teams from Sweden and around the world. This session will bring to life stories of what has worked, what hasn’t and what is most important to pay attention to, to foster an effective self managing culture.

How do you build the trust, mutual aid, relationships and shared identities needed to create high potential groups?
Richard Bartlett has been instigating and supporting communities of deep belonging all over the world. He is the instigator of the Microsolidarity framework and has spent over 10 years working with groups of many shapes and sizes (from activist movements to global networks to startup teams) to understand how to create powerful vehicles of belonging at different scales.

The networked mindset is the foundation of systemic change.
The networked mindset is a way of thinking that sits at the heart of any systemic changes in organising. As a co-founder of Converge, David Ehrlichman has been catalysing networks that catalyse networks for many years. He has supported many vibrant, cross sectoral, impact focused networks to grow successfully. His book Impact Networks is a detailed breakdown of the architecture of how networks function. This session will go in depth into the mindsets required to do this work well.

How does decentralised governance actually work in the boardroom?Kate Beecroft has been building, guiding and supporting DAOs with their governance models since 2018, following on from years of building decentralised methods at Enspiral. She will host a panel discussion with several past and present members of the Enspiral Foundation ‘Minimal Viable Board’ who act as the legal directors of the shared entity that sits in the hear of the pioneering Enspiral model. How does the legal compliance actually work in a company with distributed authority? How does strategy get set if it isn’t done by a centralised board? How is risk managed? What systems and processes are required to do this safely, legally and effectively?

What does radical transparency and collaboration with money actually look like?
Francesca Pick is a co-founder of Greaterthan, a consulting collective that has developed many pioneering tools and practices for sharing money and distributing collective resources. In this session they will share some of the practical methods they use to ensure everyone in the organisation understands and can influence who resources and money flows.

Join us in November for a unique opportunity.

Doing Better Work Together will be a unique opportunity to connect with new friends and collaborations who building fairer, flatter more effective organisations. Join us to get past the tech and tokens and dive into the stickiness and messiness we need to work with to build a truly decentralised, community driven future.

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