Join a pop up digital village of organisational innovators.

Join a pop up digital village of organisational innovators.

Doing Better Work Together is an online learning and collaboration event for organisational innovators, decentralised network and community builders.

Join us for:

  • 30+ live sessions that run November 28th - December 2nd.
  • 1 month access to recordings, resources and network connection platform.

Leave with new ideas, friends, useful skills and practical tools that you can implement in your work.

Numbers are limited to ensure everyone has the ability to participate, connect and create opportunities for genuine collaboration. Grab your ticket here.

Build an experience that suits your schedule and learning.

This event strikes the balance between hearing from experts and innovators and connecting globally with friends and collaborators.

Think: Less like a conference and more like a digital village.

Build an experience that suits you. Pick and choose your way through the sessions that inspire you most. Or clear your schedule and dive into a full week of live sessions, workshops and collaborating with new friends from around the world. How you engage is up to you!

Listen and Learn

Listen to short lightning talks and deep dive conversations with innovators and leaders sharing tools, methods and stories. Engage in the chat, ask questions and discover new ideas changing how work gets done.

Meet New Friends and Collaborators

Ditch the projects and job titles in fun, friendly, nourishing spaces designed to create connection. Expect serendipity, new new friends and collaborators.

Make Sense, Reflect and Integrate.

Make sense of all the new ideas in facilitated reflection sessions. Unpack new learning with peers.  Use these sessions to connect the dots between big new ideas and grounded, practical action.

Learn together with your team

Learning is always more fun in a crew. Bring your pod, team, crew, squad or circle and plan your event experience together with prompts and resources specific to group learning. If you’re keen to bring a crew of 5 or more, get in touch for a group discount.

Browse the digital village in your own time.

Beat timezone FOMO by engaging with the network platform. Joining this gathering includes 1 month access to our platform to access recordings, resources and build connections asynchronously.

This event will be a unique opportunity to connect with others who are working on changing how we change the world. Meet new friends and collaborators building DAOs, coops, networks, communities and distributed organisations.

We're excited to pop up this digital village of collaboration and looking forward to seeing you there!

Get your ticket here.