Resources and Recordings from Doing Better Work Together 2022

Resources and Recordings from Doing Better Work Together 2022

The Doing Better Work Together gathering ran from November 28-December 2 2022. Over these days workshops, talks and emergent online community sessions were hosted across all timezones with 350 participants.

The event platformed the work of innovators and practitioners who are working on how we work together.  We covered topics like decentralised decision making and collaboration with money. Building trust, distributing leadership, governance and power in self managing organisations, communities and networked organisations.

This is a relatively new, emerging field that brings together inner development methods with teamwork and group processes as well as organisational structural innovations. It touches the work of cooperatives, DAOs, networks, communities and self managing organisations.  

During the event we compiled a 🔥huge amount of resources🔥 from speakers and participants; books, articles, podcasts, videos, playbooks, canvases, frameworks...

We also created 🎥 session recordings 🎥 from 20+ workshops and talks where many aha moments were sparked and new ideas shared.

If you are interested in building equitable, collaborative, distributed organisations then this treasure trove of resources and recordings is for you! Dive in! Fill your boots!

Enjoy the DBWT Resource Hub here

A huge thank you to all the event supporters, speakers, workshop hosts and participants - and a shout out to the team from InsightPact who helped bring together this resource hub.

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